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Trends on the nails. Check what will be in vogue this season

Trends on the nails. Check what will be in vogue this season

The new collection is a response to the needs of each woman. Indeed, probably all like to take care of themselves and their appearance, but in the face of daily obligations, it happens that we lack time for some activity. Company Semilac here and runs with the help of this new process 5in1, which is an innovative way to quickly and impressive painting nails!

Products in this series combine the base color, top and allow for augmentation plate and its extension up to 1 cm riley makeup. The revolutionary product can not only support the damaged nail as it is well suited as a backdrop for other colors Semilac. With the upcoming spring collection Semilac Extend 5in1 is enriched with five fashionable colors in pastel shades such as blue, pink, violet and peach.

Extend Semilac 5in1 Pastel Blue 807 is a delicate shade of blue, which is ideally suited to the warmer days. Brand new proposal fits well with both white and intense grenade. While the pastel shade of mint, which is Semilac Extend 5in1 Pastel Mint 808 is a proposal that will work in every manicure. This color fits in perfectly with both the lighter shades, as well as those intense. The perfect solution for women with darker skin.

Extend Semilac 5in1 Pastel Lavender 811 is a response to the expectations of admirers purples. This versatile shade ideally suited to the everyday manicure for both women with fair and dark complexion. Among the novelties of spring could not miss girlish pink. Extend Semilac 5in1 813 Pastel Pink is a delicate, very feminine color, by which create attractive, classic manicure. While Semilac Extend Pastel Peach 5in1 814 is another excellent option for a sober, everyday manicure. This very classic shade easily connect with paints in colors of pink, gray or nude.