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This will help with back pain, if you take advantage of the possibilities of rehabilitation

This will help with back pain, if you take advantage of the possibilities of rehabilitation

Nowadays many people lead a sedentary lifestyle. It generates often back pain, for one very simple reason – for our natural position of the spine position is standing, not sitting. Therefore, the problems with the spine disease progressed civilization. How to help yourself? It is a lot of exercises and methods beauty blog. We invest in rehabilitation, gym pass or properly contoured office chair. However, not everyone has the opportunity. You might be interested in such a simple device which is sensorimotor pillow.

Sensorimotor seat cushion

As a small, inconspicuous pillow can help you cope with back pain? It makes sitting on an unstable surface and contrary to appearances, that’s the point. Thanks to our backs have forced the right attitude. This happens spontaneously, because only in this way can keep the spine stable position of the whole body. It also provides continuous muscle tension, which aims to toughen our whole muscular system. This is also the impact on our posture while walking – stronger muscles a better functioning of the whole body. In addition, continuous muscular work also increases our concentration and memory, which helps at work, because it does not allow to fall into drowsiness.

Sensorimotor pillow – what to choose

These pads are also called disks rehabilitation, berets or hedgehogs, and this is due to the tabs. They are used to improve blood flow and induce gentle massage. Not all pillows are, however, tabs, so if you do not want, we do not have to decide on it. In general, choice of pillows under our preferences is not a problem. We can choose a pillow higher or lower, a smaller or larger area seat. Of course, we can choose virtually any combinations of these parameters, so you can find the perfect pillow to our building and workplace. Pillows should be primarily stable and comfortable to lie on the seat of our chair. In connection with this handy to the anti-slip surface on the underside of the pillow. An interesting solution may also be part of cushion supporting lumbar spine. It may also be a separate, smaller pillow that will give us just an added massage and soft support for your back.

Pillow sensorimotor – how to use

As regards the use of the pillow is one simple rule – if you decide on a pillow we have to use it all the time. We do not give us any effect sensorimotor use pillows for one day a week. Even though it will be able to generate additional problems and pain – our backs simply will not have a chance to get used to the pillow. Therefore, pillows sensorimotor use as a regular. Besides regularity important is the pressure that we have in our pillow. It should be so inflated that sagged under our weight. It can not be too hard, because it will not work then. Everyone needs by trial and error to find their ideal pressure in the pillow.

Pillow sensorimotor – exercises

As the name suggests, it is to improve our pillow motility, or the efficiency of the body. To fully take advantage of sensorimotor pillows should know and apply some exercises using her. You do not need a great effort for them, it is not even necessary to interrupt the work, and the benefits of such activity are really significant. The exercises are very simple. One of them is balancing the body into right and left on the pillow on the chair located. The legs should then be hip width apart. The idea is to perform only the movement of the pelvis. Another version of this exercise for the whole body tilt to both sides, while keeping the spine straight and to the point where they have contact with the floor only after the toes that stretch. In this position we should withstand a few seconds. We can also lean body forward and backward, all the while keeping the back straight. Other exercise movements in the same pelvis back and forth, pushing through the lumbar spine. Sensorimotor pillow can also be used to perform many other exercises, including standing and lying down. Each of them will definitely improve the motility of our body and our well-being.