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Take time at home and take care of yourself. Proposals hybrid manicure

Take time at home and take care of yourself. Proposals hybrid manicure

Hi Glam shiny effects, combined with varnish hybrid hi create the perfect duo. Brocades, pollen, glossy varnishes – select your favorite effect and learn from hi manicure creator as easily and quickly apply it on your nails!

Brocades unique hybrid of hi

  • Hi Hybrid Glam Pink Glitter

You love roses? Now, you can have it on the nails in the form of glitter! Apply varnish favorite hybrid, then distribute the discretion of a few flakes of glitter, and in a few moments create men full of otherworldly glow.

You are looking for the varnish with the effect of the flash? Check the following offer:

  • Hi Hybrid Glam Pink Gold Glitter

One of the hottest trends in 2020 is a combination of gold and pink. Now, you can also have on their nails! This mix of glitter will become the perfect complement to both the romantic and party-styling. Below you can find the base varnishes in different colors that will harmonize perfectly with both gold and pink.

  • Hi Hybrid Glam Unicorn Glitter

Do you want to run toward the rainbow and let go of your imagination? To work! Apply blue gold glitter Unicorn for men in uniform color and feel like in a fairy tale! See also amazing collection of paint in shades of “unicorn”

How to apply glitter hi Glitter Glam?

If you already have a ready-made hybrid styling in your favorite color hi, you want to give brilliance, put it on top no wipe, but not cure! Before you do, you lose yourself in it brocades hi Glam. Use a wooden stick to that with a little bit at the end of the masthead – thanks to the glitter flakes easily move from a container on your nail. Then, place your hand in the lamp once more styling topem secure, hardened and ready!

Shining pollen from the hybrid hi

  • Pollen purple Hi Hybrid Glam Violet Dust

Violet is the symbol of youth and freedom, and therefore could not miss it among the new hybrid pollen brand hi. Purple sheet on nails will be like a talisman that will give you courage. See also paints in shades of purple:

  • Pollen Hi Hybrid silver Glam Silver Dust

This iconic glow of hybrid hi create a mirror image of the nail and will fit many styling MomStyles site. As a base you can choose almost any color. We offer these expressive, so that certainly did not remain unnoticed.

  • Pollen gold Hi Hybrid Glam Gold Dust

You love gold? When you see the Gold Dust shout “Oh my gold.” We can not forget that gold sensationally harmonizes with all shades of dark green and burgundy, adding a note of elegance to every woman.

How and on what colors to apply hi Glam Dust? Hi manicure creator advises.

1. Dust Hi Glam most stand out in the dark such as hybrids. H hybrid black graphite # 415. You can also combine them with classic white or pastel colors as # 229 or # 208 from hi hybrid. Pearly glow will create a very gentle and girlish effect on your nails.

2. Create your styling varnish hybrid doing it like always and only in the last step, when the top wipe is no longer cured, rub pollen in the nail plate. This is best done with a brush “puppet” or a finger. If pollen exactly embraced the entire board, re-secure it topem, curing lamp and that’s it!

Even more products needed to create the perfect manicure at home, see below. And the whole zone Hi Hybrid is available on the portal