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Five foolish refute myths about training. Avoid these “golden board”!

Five foolish refute myths about training. Avoid these “golden board”!

Sores are good, because it shows that a solid workout. Doing squats is a simple way to destroy a knee joints, and exercise with dumbbells leads to the appearance of Pudzian. These are just a few popular assertions, which have nothing to do with the truth. The use of the “golden tips” may weaken the effects of exercise, and sometimes even harm

Physical activity is not without reason, is considered one of the pillars of a healthy lifestyle. Exercise so we are encouraged at every step, and experts constantly remind us that the movement should be an integral part of our daily routine. Many of us – especially those who adventure sports are just beginning – are struggling with doubts about this, how to practice to achieve its objectives.

A multitude of tips in the field of training, which often are mutually exclusive, appearing every move reports from the world of science and the “golden board” exercise self-styled experts – all this can be a headache. I discourage any activity. It’s time to deal with the most popular myths about the training.

Although this myth has been repeatedly overthrown, many people still live in the belief that by doing some specific exercises, will be able to quickly get rid of excess fat from these areas such as the abdomen, hips or thighs. Although thanks to proper training and a balanced diet can, which quite obvious to reduce weight and modify the appearance of your figure, do not change it altogether.

“The truth is that each of us has areas in the body that are resistant to any weight loss method. The reasons for this are different, the game may include hormones and sex, which has its conditions. They can not be easily changed, so unfortunately you can not can choose which parts of the body get rid of fat. But do not give up. “stubborn” areas will become leaner, slimmer when will the other. Patience is the key, “- explained in an interview with” the Guardian “personal trainer Emma Storey-Gordon

When interval training, crossfit and Tabata steadily gained in popularity, we began to redefine the effectiveness of exercise in the context of the time in which they are made. Although the intervals involving the interweaving of different intensity exercises are an effective way to reduce weight, you better not be limited only to this type of training. Especially at the beginning of his adventure with physical activity.

“For most people, especially beginners, rest between sets allows you to move with a higher intensity and better quality, while at the same time reduces the risk of injury. There is also a training stimulus, which can lead to better results of exercises” – notes motivational trainer George Anderson. And he adds that in order to practice effectively, we must also learn to relax.

Many women shun the dumbbell or barbell for fear that the figure will be too muscular. This is one of the most common myths. Bodybuilders work on your appearance for years and not just lifting weights. To look like a bodybuilder, you have to work long and hard. Certainly it will not happen after a few months of moderate strength training exercise.

“It is important to realize how much time and effort it takes to actually achieve appreciable difference in the shape of the silhouette. Appearance bodybuilder requires many years of work with specific plans for exercise and a suitable restrictive diet. Training load is meanwhile very beneficial also women. the growth of muscle tissue plays an important role in the process of weight loss, “- explains the trainer Aleisha Fetters.

There are people who feel satisfaction when the day after a workout barely come up the stairs. They have the belief that muscle pain is a sign that the exercises performed well and should be proud of them. For behold, they gave their all. Is it really a you enjoy?

“Sourdoughs is nothing but micro injuries in muscles that have been exposed to too much effort. They do not mean at all that training is better made. If you appear too often, probably doing something wrong,” – explained in an interview with service “Livestrong” trainer Morita personal Summers. And advises that instead of doing absurd number of repetitions of a given exercise, focus on regularity. Because if nabawimy be sore for the next days is unlikely we will be able to practice and thus delay the results of training.

A common myth, even among those trainees, is the belief that some exercise, for example. Squats, are deadly to the joints. Research shows that the reality is the exact opposite. Properly done squats strengthen the stabilizing muscles located around the knee joints, protecting us against injuries. A similar effect is running. Scientists from Stanford University found that patients regularly jogging lower incidence of arthritis than those who avoid from running.