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Competition for boba. Now we carry this hairstyle

Competition for boba. Now we carry this hairstyle

Hairdressing Trends 2020: A cut cut Clavi

Clavi hair cut it is not a new trend. The mention of the cut for the first time appeared in the foreign network pages already in 2012. For many years, however, they did not enjoy too much popularity. In Poland, we heard about it in 2016, but contrary to expectations, Clavi hair cut has not reached success For every mum. In 2020, this may change. Cutting Clavi cut finally has a chance to be appreciated and become a real hit of the spring and summer.

You are interesting, how exactly did the name Clavi cut and what it means? It’s easier than you think. It comes from the English word “clavicle”, or collarbone. Clavi cut it just cut to the clavicle.

Barber Edward Tricomi of the Warren Tricomi Salons ensures that this cut suits every woman, regardless of hair type and face shape. Universal Clavi cut always looks good. This length does not cause many problems, even thin and fragile hair look healthy and the problem of splitting ends not actually exist. In contrast to the fashionable, short cuts, posiadaczki Clavi cut can easily fasten hair in a pony. It’s a simple way to change your look or just deal with hair in the wind.

Clavi cut optically slims the face and thickens hair. This seemingly careless cut looks great on every day, but also surprisingly good in combination with elegant styling.

However, if you cut Clavi not convinced, however, it could blunt bob characterized by a sharp, perfectly equal cutting or improving facial features courtain fringe bangs? This season, instead of the eccentric avant-garde hairstyles and colors, experts suggest luminous reflections, simple cuts and casual hairstyles. Baleja┼╝ will be very fashionable, but also the color bolder colors. One of them is burnt orange – joyful, exuberant, perfect for spring.