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Cheap and effective hair mask. You will not believe what he is made of

Cheap and effective hair mask. You will not believe what he is made of

It works as an addition to salads, meat dishes and sandwiches. But mustard can be applied not only in the kitchen. Once it wraps were treated badly healing wounds. Today, mustard is used to … body care.

The first curiosity: a mustard sauce, which was once a dessert. To Polish he arrived with Napoleon, but not quite known how to eat it. Our compatriots often distinctive sauce served dish after another. Therefore, it took the saying “an afterthought”.

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They mustard also used as a cure for hard to heal wounds. It is effective. Reduces pain and burning sensation, besides prevents the formation of blisters and scars. Moreover, if we add a teaspoon of mustard bath, tired muscles experience of regeneration and relaxation.

But it is not everything. Another beneficial properties of the popular sauce betrays Boguslaw Węglarz, mustard manufacturer, who grants the Association “Polish Ecology”. “Mustard oil, an important component of mustard, is irreplaceable in hair and skin care. It has a warming, moisturizing and softening. Its properties make him fall in love with sensitive skin and dry hair and dandruff disappears, “- he says in an interview with PAP Life trendy makeup.

But this is still not the end benefits. “The high content of antioxidants that improve blood circulation, makes great mustard oil nourishes the facial skin. Among other things, it reduces wrinkles and evens out its color. And thanks to the content of unsaturated fatty acids has a great effect on the heart and circulatory system “- says Węglarz.