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Art layering – a scent in layers

Art layering – a scent in layers

Ideally, when connecting to the perfume with each other to stick to a single family of fragrances. Mixing together too complex notes can give a fairly hard and heavy effect. Layering starting from stronger, more condensed nut (perfume, toilet water), so as not to dampen the lighter odor of the water or mists which combine.

Swedish cosmetics brand – Orifalme – first introduced to offer scents designed to connect to them. Combining scents is the perfect solution for those who are looking for original, sensational composition that will stand out. Oriflame Scentsational two modern and experimental scents, created to combine them together, creating a new, unique whole. Both belong to the floral-fruity-woody fragrance family, making it ideal harmony with each other.


The key accord full energy haze Scentsational is citrusy cocktail with lemon and sweet orange and fresh, fruity notes of apple blossoms. Key notes are: guarana seeds, apple blossom, patchouli.


He emphasizes femininity solar aroma of rose, while maintaining lightness, thanks to notes of mandarin effervescent. Key notes are: guarana seeds, sun rose, patchouli.

Guarana is a major component of the new Scentsational. This exotic climbing plant known for its stimulant properties cute secret co. Delicious, fruity aroma guarana seed determines the unique nature of the composition.